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What do I need?

We’ve prepared a simple, easy to follow breakdown of our application process, including what you will need for each section.

To be eligibile to apply for a loan, you must:

Be over 18 years of age

Be a UK resident

Have a regular income from employment

Have an income
paid directly
into your account


Our application form is a simple one, but we’ve broken it down into sections so you know exactly what to expect and what you’ll need when you come to each point.

Section 1- About you

Takes 40 seconds to complete

In this section, we take some of your personal information in order to process your application.

What you'll need

Your personal information, including phone numbers and address etc.

Note: Information in this section is just general, so no need to search for any documents.

Section 2- Your Employment Status

Takes 25 seconds to complete

We need to understand your current employment status to make sure we give you the best options available.

What you'll need

Details about your employment status, including monthly income and when you get paid.

Note: This information is only used to establish you are employed. We will never contact your employer, if you are employed.

Section 3- Your outgoings

Take 25 seconds to complete

In this short section, we ask about your outgoings so we can establish how much you can afford to borrow.

What you'll need

Note: These do not have to be 100% accurate, but the more accurate you are, the more valid the information is.

Note: Some utility bills or using your online banking transactions may be useful when filling out this form.

Section 4- Bank Details

Takes 30 seconds to complete

If you choose to proceed with the loan search, then we need to know where to send your money.

What you'll need

Your debit card which you wish to be paid into.

Note: Like all data on our site, this is secure, and will only be used to transfer your cash. It cannot be used to withdraw funds from your account, ever.

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