Junius.co.uk Domain History

With a history dating back to the late 1990s, junius.co.uk started life as a political news blog with links to thread discussion forums and IRC chatrooms.

With an emphasis on the fight against censorship and self-censorship, junius.co.uk covered news of all kinds including stories on public health funding issues and pressure group activities and activism both within the political and conservationist spheres.

As time went on, junius.co.uk broadened its field of activity to discuss sporting matters such as Glenn Hoddle’s tenure as England football manager in addition to entertainment news involving British television shows.

Throughout its history, junius.co.uk took a moral standpoint under the brand ‘LM Online’, with detailed commentary on the war in Kosovo and even received a nomination for ‘Britain’s most progressive publication’ in 1999. With a journalistic focus on human rights violations and political science amongst its more light-hearted topics, the LM Online news brand engaged with controversial and often divisive issues that marked it out as an alternative news source.

Following the closure of the site due to legal action in 2000, junius.co.uk took an extended hiatus only to return in the mid-2000s as an advertising hub for the hospitality and travel sector. During this time, the site played host to links for holiday rental properties and luxury hotel brands with a focus on Italy. The site’s advertising activities ended in around 2008.

Junius.co.uk blog

Following a second break, junius.co.uk returned once more in 2017 under the guise of a personal blogging space for a US-based video games enthusiast – Junior. Posting regular gaming content along with more seasonal material relating to Independence Day amongst other holidays, Junior’s articles included reviews for Bioshock Infinite and cult hit Stardew Valley.

The website’s use as a blogging platform ended in around May 2019.

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