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FitSpaceGyms.co.uk Domain History

Starting in November 2007, fitspacegyms.co.uk served as the online space for the eponymous Fit Space Gyms. Billed as the “Health and Fitness Club with a Difference”, Fitspace Gyms proudly offered a stripped-back gym experience offering an essential service at a reasonable cost.

With no contracts and the ability to apply for membership online as early as 2007, the company proclaimed itself the “fastest growing fitness club in the UK” with in excess of six clubs in operation by 2008 – including those situated in central London.

Taking on fresh and colourful new branding in around 2012, fitspacegyms.co.uk advertised the company’s many gym membership options with clubs situated in:

  • Lincoln;
  • Nottingham;
  • Cardiff;
  • Belfast;
  • Mitcham;
  • Islington;
  • Woolwich; and
  • Bournemouth

fitspacegyms.co.uk domain history 

Through their centres and website at fitspacegyms.co.uk, Fitspace Gyms aimed to provide an inclusive and easily accessible exercise experience at a reasonable cost without limiting the equipment and expertise available to fitness enthusiasts. With a dedicated team of staff on-hand to assist gym-goers with any queries they may have, Fitspace Gyms enjoyed positive reviews across their locations.

Offering an online application facility at fitspacegyms.co.uk, the company also allowed members to pause their subscription and allowed customers to choose a membership packaged that suited their habits and budget. Fitspace Gyms also launched a female-first fitness brand under the banner of MZActive. Championed by a gym-goer with a history of weight loss success, MZActive benefited from the Fitspace facilities to provide women with a safe and comfortable exercise space.

Fitspace gyms were acquired by GLL in 2016, with its centres being reopened under the ‘Better Gym’ brand across the country.

fitspacegyms.co.uk was in active operation until early 2014.

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